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Women’s Rights – An Artist’s Perspective – Deborah Landry

Women’s Rights – An Artist’s Perspective – Deborah Landry

UniteWomen.org is pleased to announce the sixth of twelve featured artists in our online art show Women’s Rights – An Artist’s Perspective. Deborah Landry’s artwork is entitled Equal Means Equal


I created this painting as part of my Empowerment Series. Women all over the world are not treated equal to men. In the old days when you did something wrong you would have to write it 100 times on a chalk board. If it were as simple as that to get the world to see women are equal. Equal Means Equal.


Art is at the core of everything I do.  I first ask myself what is the subject I am trying to express and I then ask how would this be best expressed always keeping in mind who my audience is and where it  is to be displayed.  I approach my fine art as well as public art in this manner. The result of approaching art this way creates a body in limitless expressions.  I have taught myself to sew to create superwomen capes in a body of work about empowerment.  I have taught myself how to do encaustic paintings to explore using doilies and lace as paint brushes.  I never let the fact I have never used a material to slow me down.  If I believe a
certain method is the best way to express what I am trying to say, that is the path I let my art go.

This approach is very explorative not only in the subject but also the materials.  I often  find that my entire process of creating a body of work become art in itself.  My art projects have become silent social experiments and studies.  I love when I can create a seamless interaction with art that the patrons not only take part but become the art in the process. This is one of the funfest part of the art I create.

Deborah’s Flickr


This online exhibition is in support of UniteWomen.org featured on this website and our Facebook page.

View the Women’s Rights” An Artist’s Perspective catalog here.

In addition to the online exhibit, there was a gallery exhibit held during November 2013.

Pam Foss Fine Art
202 South Talbot Street
St Michaels, MD 21663

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