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Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perpective

Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective


Thank you to all the artists who submitted to the UniteWomen.org “Women’s Rights – An Artist’s Perspective” Show. What an incredible and powerful collection! The decision making process was difficult because of the number of pieces and the strength of the works submitted. We chose the work based not only on the individual quality but also the relevance to the theme. We applaud and congratulate you on such meaningful work.

There will be different categories of opportunities for the work to be displayed:

  • 12 Featured Artists on the UniteWomen.org website

  • 35 Artists selected for the Pam Foss Fine Art Gallery

  • 175 Artists in the Catalog with one work from each artist. More information on how to order a catalog will be sent out shortly.

  • 175 Artists in the Online Gallery with 250 works.

Listed below are the 12 pieces chosen to be highlighted on the website (one featured artist each month) and will be in the Gallery and Catalog:

  • “5000-Cuidad Juarez” by Monica Neiman Sotomayor

  • “Women Through the Eyes of History” by Gail Smuda

  • “Measure Up” by Deborah Morbeto

  • “The Sanctity of Nature” by Jennifer Foley

  • “It’s A Girl-Children, Clean and Cook” by Kay Kang

  • “Equal Means Equal” by Deborah Landry

  • “A Storm’s Approaching” by Sally Edelstein

  • “A Woman Must Bear” by Cristina Velazquez

  • “Color Blind Prisoner” by Sinan Revell

  • “Jane Crow Forced Ultrasound” by Kelly Hammargren

  • “90-Year Crucifixion” by Debra Dake-Morrell

  • “I Dreamed I Was an Endangered Species in my Maidenform Bra” by Dixie Salazar

In addition, the following artists will be in the Pam Foss Fine Art Gallery, St. Michaels, MD from November 1 to November 24, 2013 (and the online gallery and catalog):

Lauren Bettini – Bound 4
Kelly Blevins – Untitled II
Angelique Brickner – A Slap at Convention
Jane Caminos – Acid Madonna by Jane Caminos
Jennifer Foley – The Sanctity of Nature
Pam Foss – Vote for Women
Linda Friedman Schmidt – Contagious Silence
Parisa Ghaderi – I’m decaying in my white dress
Karen Henninger – I am Not A Hole
Liora K – Smile =/= Consent
Marky Kauffmann – Lost Beauty Margaret Acid Peel
Susan Kraft – The Face Behind The Mask
Beth Lakamp – mother infinity falls
Linda McCune – Glass Ceiling
Allison McElroy – Corporate Ladder
Erin Murray – For Insurance Purposes
Indrani Nayar-Gall – Her_Flowers
Roxanne Phillips – Climbing
Michele Pred – In Our Shoes
Barbara Reid – Behavior Patterns
Gail Stouffer – Identity Training
Victoria Szilagyi – Bound 4
Tamara White – Nuture
Suzanne Anan – Ain’t I A Woman Too?

The following additional artists will in the online gallery and catalog. More information will be sent in the coming month concerning how to order catalogs:

Robyn Alatorre – Innocent
Linda Allen – Spirit
Bonnie Askowitz – L’dor V’dor
Mariona Barkus – We’re Mad As Hell & We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore
Brian Batt – REBEKKAH
Kyra Belan – Mother God of Sedona
M. Bellavia – Bathing the Self Conscious
Susan Bennett – Watching and Waiting in a Slough of Despond
Dare J. Boles – Little Bride
Amber Bonnici – She Honors the Calling of Her Heart
angelique brickner – A Slap at Convention
Melody Brown – Woman’s Struggle To Stand
Tracy Brown – Beware of the Wolves
Jessica Burke – Jodie as Princess Leia of the Rebel Alliance
christine cianci – Rex ab Nemo
Perry Conley – Binders of Women and Poem
Nena Creasy – Metal Bra
Sarah Cyr – Objectified In Her Country
Lynn Dau – Instrument of Change
Mary Lou Dauray – Speak Up
Deborah Davis – Freedom Of Choice
Jammi De Silva – ‘Almighty Injustice’ – Execution of Rizana
Cat Del Buono – Blah Blah Blah
Sally Deskins – Split Self
Debra Dobkin – Veiled#3
Liz Dodson – Emerging Activists
Betsyann Duval – Free Radical: Grace Paley
Kerry Eddy – Barbie Girl
Laura Elkins – Self as Betty with Coat Hanger Necklace
Alyssa Eustaquio – Keeping FEMINISM Fresh
Karen Eustis – FREEDOM
ilana frank – Inside the Veil
Mary Annella Mimi Frank -Jane Addams’ Chair
Linda Friedman Schmidt – Contagious Silence
Wendy Gell – Sudanese women
Elizabeth Gibbons – ‘The Madonna of Many Races’ a.k.a. ‘The Mother is in the White House’
Linda Gleitz – We Chose to Tell You That You Have No Choice in This Matter
Marci Goldberg – All The Rules
Janice Gossman – Respect My Boundaries II
Mary Lou Greene – Health
Karen Gutfreund – Never Enough
Julia Hacker – The_naked _weight
Lucy Julia Hale – Ladies’ Room: Still Asking for Full Recognition
Mary Hamill – ‘regardisregard’ documentation of installation
Brent Harris – Not Here, Not Anywhere!
Dara Herman-Zierlein – International Humans Rights Day
Melanie Hickerson – BREAKING WALLS
Terra Holcomb – Mine
Shelah Horvitz – We Tell You What to Think
Jan Hoy – Crevice
Sandra Hunter – stand in grass
Stacy Isenbarger – THIS rock in wait
Olivia Jane – Crash Dance (recorded by Jo Russ)
JO JAYSON – Blue Whispers of Truth
Delanie Jenkins – Raveling in the New Year
Krista Jiannacopoulos – Combat Confidential
judy johnson-williams – Protesting Women
Carole Kaufmann – guerilla girls:conscience of the art world….
Nancy Kells – Drawers
Judith Kornett – Old Woman
Masami Koshikawa – Self-Portrait with Burning Kimono
Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa – corporate ladder
Beth Lakamp – mother infinity falls
Amy Larsen – Founding Mothers
Kelly Loder – Split Thinking
Aline Lotter – Grandma’s Jewels
sandra mackenzie-cioppa – GOP Attack on Women’s Rights
Susan Makara – Inner Voice
Zaslove Mara – Protest at Berkeley
Kimberlina Marie – ‘Entangled in a Fortress of Dreams’
Hildy Maze – beyond the veil
Christine McKee – Women in Suits
Marti McKee – Headlines
Patricia McWilliams – Madam Artist’
Susan Melly – Tension Adjustment
Sheila Metcalf Tobin – Bravely Blooming – Frida Kahlo
Dionne Victoria Milton – Freedom Speaks
Janet Mishner – Female Archetype
Eva Montealegre – CREATIVE CALL
Betsy Mortenson – Ego Nuto est Regina
Trudy Myrrh – Hopes Cut Short May Regrow
Siobhan O’Hara – Pele
Guerrilla Girls On Tour! – I Still Love Feminism
Gaia Orion – Mother Nature
Linda Paffel – ROBBED: Abundance
Elizabeth Panting – The Freedom to….
Kate Paul – Artemis
Linda Pearlman Karlsberg – Constrained Bloom III
Patricia Quilichini – Anudada
Carol Radsprecher – Moo
Shilo Ratner – Bearing My Soul
Wen Redmond – Our Bodies
Barbara Reid – ‘Behavior Patterns’
Cindy Renteria – Moving Forward
Theresa Rock – Water’s Edge
Launa D. Romoff – #278 Double Eight
Lisa Salamandra – Crotch n.12
Leslie Salzillo – The Protection Of Sandra By Soraya
Clara Saprasa – ‘She Never Hatched’
Amanda Sawyer – Tangled In Your Roots
Debbie Schore – Sorry If You Were Offended
Carol Scott – Belonging
Tina Sejbjerg – Attempt to shake a tree 3
Delona Seserman – The founded identity
Meera Singh – The Writing is on the Wall
Niki Singleton – Fear
Amy Siqveland – Circle of Power
Bonnie J. Smith – Suffragettes
Gail Smuda – Women Through The Eyes of History
karen starrett – Room to Grow
Tamara Staser-Meltzer – Feminism
Nathalie Stemper – Playa India – Jordi Oliver
Ann Storc – Old Africa
Gail Stouffer – Identity Training
Tormented Sugar – Forced Silence: Tribute to David La Chapelle Photo of Christina Aguilera
RebekahTarin – Nurturing Resilience
Maya Telford – Lifting the Veil
Julie Tessier – Bab at 85
Nette Thomas – Run Away Brides
Lynne Todaro – Slow Journey
Marcia Treiger – Portrait of An Aged Beauty
Orlonda Uffre – Freedom Dance
Tracy Verkerke – Fall
shirley verrette – white nights of cool summer
Linda Victoria – Mi Adelita
Burgandy Viscosi – Compassion’s Constructive Force
Annette Wagner – Chrysalis
Linda Waidelich – Let Your Voice Be heard
Marydorsey Wanless – The Landlady
Jennifer Weigel – Still Silent
Ingrid Wells – Watch Out Darling…
Candace Whittemore – Womb
Sheila Winner – Blank Slates
kiki winters – Mirror Dance
Marcie Wolf-Hubbard – We’ve All Been There, Now it’s Your Turn
camille danielle wortman – women free at last on rooftops
Joyce Wynes – I Am Woman, I Can Fly – Butterfly
Youxin Yang – Dialogue between History and Modern-III
Angela Young – Self-Perception
Helen Zajkowski – Miss Fortune
Patricia Zalisko – Flux II-12-1

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