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Womens Radio- Giving Women & All People A Greater Voice

Womens Radio- Giving Women & All People A Greater Voice


Pat Lynch of Womens Radio interviewed Karen Teegarden, CEO/President, and Renee Davis, Exec. Vice-President of Programs, about UniteWomen.org co-hosting the Suffrage Centennial Celebration with the National Women’s History Museum and Sewall-Belmont House & Museum in Washington, DC on March 1-3. In addition, the interview highlights who UniteWomen.org is, what our goals are, the progression of UniteWomen.org over the last year, and where UniteWomen.org is heading for the future.

You can listen to the interview HERE

For more information about Womens Radio go HERE

WomensRadio is produced by Women’s Online, Media and Education Network (W.O.M.E.N.), which began 17 years ago and operates every day from a strong sense of mission – to give women and all people a greater voice and by doing so, to encourage more balanced communications in every aspect of our lives, thereby bringing greater balance to our world.

The Web has been a great teacher.  By showing up and participating in the wonderful world of “web,” we have learned the value of cooperation.   Being able to be embrace cooperation over competition, we have grown and helped others to grow.

WomensRadio is now an aggregating on-demand Internet Radio Website that allows ANYONE to participate immediately by creating a profile and posting your on-demand Internet Radio Shows for women audiences to listen to globally.  All Internet Radio Shows posted on WomensRadio are syndicated to all Major Search Engines worldwide, Google News with a potential reach of 2 million + daily, our personal eNewsletter comprised of regular subscribers, PR subscribers, companies and organizations, and our Social Media Sites of over 30,000 Fans/Followers daily.  All listeners of our Internet Radio Shows are also provided with the tools to distribute, share, “Like,” etc the Shows they enjoy the most, which provides even more visibility among their friends, audiences and more!

Whenever you would like to share your thoughts, or if you have ideas that would allow us to be of greater service – in general or to a special group of women, we welcome your input!

We look forward to having you visit with us often and especially to having you participate.  After all, our job is to give you more ways to have that larger voice!


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