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#WhyImRunning: Melanie Scheible for Nevada State Senate

#WhyImRunning: Melanie Scheible for Nevada State Senate

By Melanie Scheible

Now is the time to start building the next generation of progressive leaders, and I want to be one of them.  It is imperative that our government be comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds, professions, and ideologies. In other words, there is not a single or “right” path to political office. I was inspired to run at a young age by my parents who taught me to solve problems, embrace challenges, and stand up for my beliefs.

I have a clear memory of sitting at the dinner table when I was about 9 years old with a placemat featuring illustrations of the U.S. Presidents. I asked my parents who the first woman was to be President and they had to inform me that after more than two centuries, our country had still not elected a woman as President.  But, without missing a beat, my mom said “I guess you’ll just have to do it.”

That conversation set me on the path to law school and public service.  I graduated from Emerge California shortly after graduating from college and then went on to law school.  After graduation, I wanted to return to my home state of Nevada, so I joined the Clark County District Attorney’s office in Las Vegas.  I immediately got to work volunteering for Democratic candidates in my free time and when the State Senate Seat in my district was vacated by its former Republican holder, I was ready to step up.

As a prosecutor, I work with people from every part of the Las Vegas community and I get to witness firsthand how the law touches their lives.  Whether I’m helping a small business owner who is the victim of a burglary or a young mom who is robbed at gunpoint, I know they are also impacted by insurance regulations, healthcare policies, and employment laws.  Most importantly, they are impacted by our education system.  As educational opportunities increase, crime decreases.  When teenagers fail to graduate from high school or when they graduate without adequate preparation for their next steps, they struggle to simply survive.  Providing every Nevadan with a public education that builds the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the workforce or pursue higher education upon graduation is not just good public policy – it’s the right thing to do. I got that kind of education here in Nevada and I am determined to ensure the same for future generations of Nevadans.

If elected, I would be among the youngest members of the Nevada Legislature.  I am keenly aware of the economic challenges facing the next generation, so I am ready to focus on solutions.  I would like to develop and implement smart economic policies that make it easier for young Nevadans to attend college, find jobs, own homes, access healthcare, and thrive in our community.

Today, it is my sincere hope that I will not be the first woman elected President of the United States, but that I might be part of the first state legislature in which women are in the majority.  Being part of a new generation of leaders is both my privilege and my responsibility, and I am eager to answer the call.


Melanie Scheible grew up in Nevada and is a proud product of its public K-12 education system.  She serves as a prosecutor in the Clark County District Attorney’s Office where she handles a wide variety of criminal cases from arraignments through jury trials and sentencing.  Nevadans can count on Melanie to stand up for them in the courtroom and the State Senate.







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