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#WhyImRunning: Claudette Williams for PA House 176th District

#WhyImRunning: Claudette Williams for PA House 176th District


I am Claudette Williams, a candidate running for PA House 176th District.

I am a retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major with 30 years of military service. I have achieved the rank of Sergeant Major, which is a position held by the highest enlisted members of the U.S. Army and which is a Rank attained by fewer than one percent of the U.S. Army.  I am the Mt. Pocono Borough Council President and the former Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party. I am also the first African American to hold a Chair position for any political party in Monroe County.

While I am proud of my accomplishments, I cite my greatest achievement as being the mother of three beautiful children; Brianna, and fraternal twins Kwame and Niambi.  My passion and driving-force are strengthened by the words of a favorite song: “He raised me up, so I can stand on mountains” and the biblical scripture “To whom much is given much is required.”

While for sake of my country I say goodbye to my children to lead my troops into Iraq and Afghanistan, and while I sacrifice so much for our nation, at the same time I realize that freedom is not something that is handed to any of us: it’s something we must all fight for.

Coming back home to the United States, I realized that although I was fighting for freedom abroad, in a way the people right here in the USA are not actually free. Earning $7.25 per hour is not freedom. Living without healthcare is not freedom. Losing your home to property taxes is not freedom. And women not having the right to choose,  is not freedom.

I am Claudette Williams, and I will fight for your freedom and for my freedom, whether it be in the deserts of Afghanistan or in the halls of the Capitol in Harrisburg: I will be your voice, and the power is in your vote.





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