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Why I’m Running – Yvette Simpson

Why I’m Running – Yvette Simpson

In UniteWomen.org’s series entitled #WhyImRunning, Yvette Simpson tells us why she decided to run for office.


Yvette Simpson For Mayor


#WhyImRunning for Mayor of Cincinnati


By: Cincinnati Mayoral Candidate and current City Councilwoman Yvette Simpson



Public service is not a job for me. It is my calling. I believe that my life experiences and struggles prepared me to lead my city at this time. Born to a mentally ill mother and a drug-addicted father; I was raised by my grandmother. I could easily have become a statistic. I didn’t. My passion for this work comes from my deep desire to improve the lives of others, as has been done for me.

I love my city. I was born here, raised here, educated here, and I have served this city. I understand the issues Cincinnati faces because I have lived in both the hills and the valleys. Those valley experiences instilled an unwavering passion for, and commitment to, serving people.

For years, I avoided a career in politics because I believed that there was no place for a strong and thoughtful woman leader with integrity and a desire to make real, sustainable change. I ultimately decided to run because I realized that if I didn’t, then the change our city needed might not ever come; that I was the change that I wished to see. Six years ago, I ran for Council and won, despite being a political newcomer. During my second term on Council, I realized that positive, collaborative, results-driven leadership was needed in the top seat if real change was to occur in our city. So I decided to run against the current Mayor. We took first place in the primary, beating the incumbent by 11 points, and are preparing now for a competitive general election in November.

I am running for Mayor because our city deserves a visionary leader who will serve our city and its citizens with an open door, an open ear, and an open heart. One who will work collaboratively with Council, our administration, employees, and stakeholders. Nothing great was ever accomplished alone. We need the “Power of We” to change lives. Our community can’t wait. The time is now.

If you have no vision, then you have no future. I have a strong vision for Cincinnati and a plan to make that vision a reality.

I envision a Cincinnati where residents feel safe and are invested in their neighborhoods.

I envision a Cincinnati with thriving, diverse communities that provide ample opportunities for the people who live and work here.

I envision a Cincinnati where business, community, and government come together to solve the city’s problems and celebrate the city’s successes.

Cincinnati needs a strong and tireless leader, advocate and ambassador. I am that leader, and the time is now. Our children, families, businesses, and neighborhoods cannot afford to wait for the leadership that works for everyone. If elected as Cincinnati’s 70th Mayor, we will make significant progress on our city’s most critical challenges.

The time for politics is over. Far too many people are waiting for their worlds to change. It’s time to change lives. We must work together to instill hope and provide opportunity for the next generation. We must transform Cincinnati into a city with unlimited potential. A place for all possibilities. A Greater Cincinnati for us all.

This is my city. This is my home. This is my calling. I am ready to lead, right now!

To learn more about Yvette’s vision for Cincinnati and her plan to make that vision a reality, feel free to visit her website: www.yvettesimpson.com.


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If you are a woman running for office, and would like to submit a blog piece to #WhyImRunning, please send an email to Press@UniteWomen.org with your name, election, and contact information.



YS Campaign HSYvette was the first in her family to graduate college, at Miami University and received her juris doctor degree from the University Of Cincinnati College Of Law. After graduating, Yvette practiced law at several firms before developing and directing Miami University’s first Pre-Law Program. In 2014, Yvette earned her M.B.A. degree from Xavier University. First elected to Council in 2011, she serves as Chair of the Human Services, Youth, and Arts committee, and serves on the Budget & Finance, Law and Public Safety, Neighborhoods and Major Transportation and Regional Cooperation committees. On Council, Yvette established and leads the City’s first Small Business Advisory Committee (the SBAC), Youth Commission of Cincinnati (the YCC), and established the City’s first Homeless-to-Work pilot program. She passed legislation establishing Paid Parental Leave for all City employees. Previously, paid leave was not guaranteed upon the birth or adoption of a child. Yvette also led several initiatives relating to Human Trafficking, including issues relating to victims and communities affected by this activity. These efforts include introducing legislation re-establishing a fund for victim support services, seeking creative deterrence methods, and educating the community through town hall meetings.



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  • July 18th, 2017 at 6:48 AM

    Yet another strong woman who understands the struggles of everyday people because she has LIVED them. What an inspiration to her community. We need politicians that we can trust to work for the people, and not for themselves. Good luck Yvette Simpson!

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