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Why I’m Running – Pam Keith

Why I’m Running – Pam Keith


Pam Keith is running for Congress in Florida’s 18th District. In UniteWomen.org’s series entitled #WhyImRunning, Pam tells us why she decided to run for office.


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Why I’m Running for Congress 

by Pam Keith


The moment I knew I had to step up and run for office was watching Marco Rubio give the Republican Response to the 2013 State of the Union. He was sweaty and cotton-mouthed. He did a terrible job, and it just occurred to me that there was really nothing special about him. I knew as much or more than him about governance, and had a lot more experience advocating.

It occurred to me that I would be better at his job than he was! A year later, I actually took the leap and ran for U.S.   Senate. Although I didn’t prevail, I knew that I was acting in my purpose in reaching out to people and advocating on
their behalf.

I am running for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 18th District because everything I care about, from the security of our nation to the well-being of its people, is dependent on removing or curtailing the current administration. I have all the credentials necessary to be effective as a representative and advocate for the people in Washington, but best of all, I present the right background to neutralize the strengths of Brian Mast, the current seat holder.


What is a “Democrat?” What is a “Centrist?”
What is a “Progressive?”


These are titles used to put people into categories. But in reality, most people agree far more than they disagree. Irrespective of the title, the majority of Americans are socially liberal and fiscally restrained. They do not insist that others abide by their religious or social beliefs, but rather have a “live-and-let-live,” view on social issues, and believe firmly in equality and justice for all. Most Americans have compassion for the poor, but seek real solutions to end perpetual poverty and despair. Most Americans realize that America needs businesses and enterprises to succeed in order for American families to succeed, but that our financial policies have to be tailored to advance the interests of the middle class, and not just the wealthy. Americans also understand that environmental stewardship, based on facts and data, is a moral imperative as well as an economic one. The Democratic Party best reflects these views and principles, and so I am proud to be a Democratic Candidate. But I bring to the table my own ideas and proposals. So if I must have a title, it is “Principled, Pragmatic, Patriot.”

Sometimes it takes a Veteran to beat a Veteran. My service in the U.S. Navy taught me a great deal and gave me expertise in many of the issues we face today. I love my country and its people, and my vow to defend it has never been extinguished. To take this seat back, we will need a candidate who is tough, smart, authentic, credible, hardworking and creative. In short, we will need a fearless leader with fresh ideas. I. AM. SHE.


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If you are a woman running for office, and would like to submit to #WhyImRunning, please send an email to Press@UniteWomen.org with your name, election, and contact information.



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Pam is a labor lawyer and former U.S. Navy judge advocate general who would be the district’s first black representative. She was born in Turkey while her father served in the Foreign Service and then lived in Morocco, Syria and Brazil. After her parents’ divorce, she moved to California, where she got her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in rhetoric communications from the University of California, Davis. She then attended Boston College Law School and joined the Navy. After her service in the Navy, she moved to Jupiter to work for Florida Power & Light as in-house counsel. 




Comments (2)
  • July 7th, 2017 at 8:33 AM

    Good Luck Pam! You are exactly the candidate Florida needs…or any other state!

  • Horace Moore

    July 7th, 2017 at 4:17 PM

    I supported Pam literally and financially in her bid for the United States Senate. She is over qualified to be a United States Congresswoman for the 18th district. Everyone should put down their political prejudices, tell the truth about what this country lacks and need and give her your serious consideration. We need a majority of our congresspersons to be as qualified as Pam. Support her, as I will again and let’s elect a truly qualified person to our United States Congress from the 18th District.

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