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Why I’m Running – Angie Beem

Why I’m Running – Angie Beem


Angie Beem is running for Spokane Valley City Council Position 5. In UniteWomen.org’s series entitled #WhyImRunning, Angie tells us why she decided to run for office.


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Why I’m Running

by Angie Beem


My name is Angie Beem and I decided to run for City of Spokane Valley Council, Position #5 after seeing Donald Trump mock a disabled reporter. It revealed him to me, and it showed me that when we do not vote for upstanding people and when we do not run for office ourselves, it empowers those who do things like mock the disabled. As for my background, I have an eclectic education: I have a Masters Degree in Business/Operations Management, and degrees in Digital Design and Applied Laboratory Science, as well as more than a decade of experience in business and management.

The City of Spokane Valley is on the Eastern side of Washington State. We are very red over here, but things are shifting. The west side of the state is what has kept us a blue state.

My primary is August 1 and ballots (we are strictly mail in ballots here) are mailed out on July 12. I’m running against three other people for this position and one of them is a woman who is the incumbent.

I am the Operations Manager for Women March Washington State (the state team) and was lead coordinator for the Women’s March on Spokane. It was more successful than I could have ever imagined. I rode that satisfaction high for a little while. But then, executive orders started coming out, trump (I still can’t capitalize that name, it’s not a typo) continued to do and say horrible things. The hate in this country continued and started getting worse because they had permission to remove their mask of decency. Several other marches happened. They just didn’t have the impact I hoped they would. My community started getting discouraged. I kept reading the headlines and seeing the news and found myself wondering what else can be done. Then, I saw a research study on the Affordable Care Act. I realized that the states that weren’t seeing the increase in insurance coverage were the states that refused the Medicaid expansion. That made very clear to me the power of local and State government.

The word “resist” is being said everywhere. People are resisting by activism and it is helping. But for me, after seeing the power of local and state government, I couldn’t think of a better way to “resist” than to stand up, put my name forth, and run for a local council chair. I realized that I can start to make positive changes right here in my very own city. I started looking at our current city council. They are not transparent. They are not ethical. They conduct meetings behind closed doors instead of out in public. They go into public meetings having already made up their mind on issues prior to hearing the public comments. One council member openly said that he worked hard to form this current city council. Until one seat was vacated and the female incumbent for my position was appointed, they were all older white men in their 60s. Now, there is one woman on the council. This current council are only accountable to themselves. I am an ethical woman of great integrity. That is what I want to bring to my city council. We are in the process of flipping this city big time. I have met and admire the people who are challenging the incumbents in each position. If the majority of us get elected, it’s going to be a giant step towards positive change. Whether I’m elected or not, I plan on doing whatever I can to form an ethics commission. No one should be allowed to make policy and spend millions of dollars of tax payer money without being held accountable to someone: Preferably an ethics commission.

I have to admit that running for office is a very new feeling for me. I’ve been successful in other arenas and I bring with me the skills I’ve learned from those experiences. But, initially I will have to rely on others who know how things work, and can assess the feasibility of my unconventional solutions, to help me until I get a solid handle on the political arena. Even then, I will always want to hear from experts, including the public. I don’t live in a bubble and I don’t want to start to live in a bubble now. That is part of the problem with our government, I think. They have insulated themselves so they can’t hear from anyone but those directly inside their bubble. I want to remain engaged with experts and remain open to public input. Thank you so much to everyone reading this and sharing this and thank you to UniteWomen.org for this opportunity to share why I am running and what I have to offer.


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If you are a woman running for office, and would like to submit to #WhyImRunning, please send an email to Press@UniteWomen.org with your name, election, and contact information.





Angela Beem has an eclectic educational background with degrees in Applied Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Digital Design and she also has a Master Degree in Business Administration/Operations Management and has more than a decade of managerial and business experience. She is running for City of Spokane Valley Council, after feeling awakened and called to self-empowerment over her own disability after seeing Donald Trump mock a disabled reporter. Angie Beem is Operations Manager for Women March Washington State (the state team) and she was lead coordinator for the Women’s March on Spokane.


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  • June 21st, 2017 at 9:54 AM

    All politics is local. This is how we win, grassroots and a return to our Democratic values. Power to you Angela!

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