The Sisterhood of Motherhood

The Sisterhood of Motherhood

I love you, Mom! Do you remember the first time your baby said those words? I’m not sure I can specify a precise moment, either. Does it matter? Has any sound ever been more beautiful? No, let’s not quantify the moments of our motherhood journeys. We mothers are unquantifiable! Our power is too intense for measurement or commodification.

Do you feel this? This power is in you, it is you, it is all yours. Did you always know this about yourself? It’s ok if you aren’t used to holding yourself in that powerful space; you can merely say hello to your power whether it answers you back or not. You don’t even have to know where it rests inside you just to acknowledge that it is there, somewhere, waiting for you to call it into action. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can even welcome your power to make itself known. Be patient; it may take some time for you to hear it calling back.

You are the power that was once two (or more) people, separate heartbeats with only one voice and only one pair of eyes with which to judge this world. You are the power who nurtured a whole new human into being. Maybe you aren’t raising this child. You are still the power that was deemed worthy of creating that child. Your experience changed your life even if you rarely or never have your child with you today. No matter how brief or how infrequently your mothering experience, you are in our sisterhood of motherhood.

Or, was your motherhood a gift from another mother? Are you the lucky mother who knows the journey is no less immensely spectacular even if the new life you care for didn’t come forth from within your own body? Blood is not where this mothering power came from. This power is intangibly immense. Your power was calling to you even before you recognized it. Your power has sustained you against odds that other mothers may be unaware of. You are part of our sisterhood.

Do you feel that sisterhood, Mom? We love you. Can you feel our love? When your power seems lost, or weakened, or challenged somehow, I hope you feel our sisterhood radiating all around you. It can take an especially keen eye to find this sisterhood, but we all deserve it and we all have the reserve within us to keep reaching out until we find it. Regardless of choices made in our motherhood journeys, no matter how many stakeholders have influenced us, we deserve sisterhood. We all do.

Every mother everywhere deserves to know that we mothers stand together for each other. What happens to one of us is felt by us all and the tsunami of mother-power will roar for its due respect. One mother begins a movement that spreads loving, healing power to all mothers. Mothers mothering each other in a sisterhood of undeniable, brilliant power are what make the world worth anything. We must never let each other’s hearts fall on the ground for then the world would stop. We save each other a little bit every day just by acknowledging each other’s unique power. We save the world a little bit every time we honor each other’s individual journeys. We save the world. We do it together by lifting each other up and by sharing the weight of each other’s loads. We take on the impossible to make the unbelievable possible.

Mom, YOU are a superhero! We hope you wear your cape proudly however you choose to use it.

Tiff Brown
State Director for New York

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