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The Authentic Woman – ‘Voices – An Artist’s Perspective’

The Authentic Woman – ‘Voices – An Artist’s Perspective’

Sunday, March 8th at 8:00 p.m. EDT tune in to The Authentic Woman with host Shannon Fisher and her guests Karen Teegarden, President & CEO of UniteWomen.org and Karen Gutfreund, Curator and National Director of Exhibitions for the organization. We will discuss UniteWomen.org’s nationally juried art exhibit, “Women’s Voices: An Artist’s Perspective.” The women will explore the themes in the groundbreaking “Voices” exhibit, including individual perspectives from some of the artists whose work is featured as part of the art show.

The exhibit is currently displayed in an online gallery, and a live gallery opening will be held on Thursday, April 2, 2015 at NAWA in NYC.

Artists and their pieces featured in the show:


Carrie Alter’s ‘Alyson’sWorld

Carrie Alter-Alyson'sWorld









Gwynessa Balvanz’s ‘Portraits of Tears

portrait of a tear med












Catherine Delbuono’s ‘Voices

Voices Catherine Delbuono








Marky Kauffmann’s ‘Margaret Carbollic Acid Peel

Margaret Carbollic Acid Peel












Allison McElroy’s ‘Time-Keeper

Allison McElroy time-keeper












Joan Iron’s Moccasin’s ‘Illuminate‘

Joan Iron Moccasin Illuminate











Soubie Pizzuti’s ‘Sold In Cambodia

Soubie Pizzuti sold-in-cambodia












Trix Rosen’s ‘Changed Landscapes

Trix Rosen Changed Landscapes












Christina Velazquez’s ‘Repurposed Black

Repurposed Black 2_CV









Adriana Villagran’s ‘Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Adriana Villagran













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  • March 8th, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Art is a universal language. Mankind first communicated through pictures drawn on cave walls. Throughout the ages, our history has been told through drawings, paintings, architecture and sculptures. Joy, sorrow, anger, peace – the emotions and experiences of artists are shared in a sketched line or a splash of color. Art is a universal language that everyone can understand. Never stop creating.

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