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UniteWomen.org ACTION endorses Hillary Clinton and Democrats

UniteWomen.org ACTION Endorses Hillary Clinton and Democrats

UniteWomen.org ACTION was established in February of 2012 to combat the Republican attacks on women’s rights on the federal and state levels. Our continued effort has highlighted the efforts by Republicans to not only diminish our rights but to block any progress toward equality. We have also highlighted the efforts by President Obama and Democrats to push for progressive values and further our ...

Open Invitation to Rand Paul to Join the Disability Club

RandPaul blog

“You know, over half the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts. Join the club!” - Senator Rand Paul Laughter ensued. “Who doesn’t get up, a little anxious for work every day, and their back hurts?!” Rand said. “Everybody over 40 has back pain.” My first thought upon hearing his words, was a familiar phrase about Rand and the horse he road in on; immediately f...

Equal Pay – Laws of Two Nations

Laws of Two Nations - Equal Pay Bills

Republican Senators have introduced a watered down, toothless bill designed to address the problem of pay equity. S. 875, a six page bill, is deceptively entitled the "Workplace Advancement Act." This bill is but yet another Republican sponsored amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938; an act which stood for 60 years and offered workplace protections for all Americans until it was gutted...

Announcing Voices: An Artist’s Perspective

Voices: An Artist's Perspective

Voices: An Artist’s Perspective is a feminist exhibition with 26 women artists raising their voices to tell individual stories that advocate for the fight for social, cultural, economic and political rights and the inclusion of all voices in its push for gender equality and identity using a woman's voice as the visual narrative to effect change. Exhibition-related Programs: Live exhibition...

Religious Freedom Restoration Act – Freedom For Whom?

Separation of Church and State

  I have always been concerned with what I have considered my rights and privileges as both a woman and a United States citizen. In recent years however, I have increasingly seen efforts by both politicians and evangelicals to limit those rights and privileges for all women. When making efforts to place limits on those rights, politicians have increasingly turned to religious dogma to just...

The Truth About Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

GW PEACE Logo in png

When a girl prepares for marriage in the United States and other parts of the western world, she plans her trousseau and shops for her wedding gown.  In Africa, the preparation of marriage is far removed from trousseau and wedding gowns.  The practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is at the top of the list of marriage preparations.  Female Genital Mutilation, more commonly known as FGM is ...

Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective – Women Must Bear Children, Cook, and Clean by Cristina Velazquez


UniteWomen.org is pleased to announce the eighth of twelve featured artists in our online art show Women’s Rights – An Artist’s Perspective. Women Must Bear Children, Cook and Clean by Cristina Velazquez.  ARTIST’S STATEMENT Art making is a constant endeavor in my life.  Visual and objects surround me and fill me with energy that it is turned into fine art in my studio, locate...

Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective – Sally Edelstein


UniteWomen.org is pleased to announce the seventh of twelve featured artists in our online art show Women’s Rights – An Artist’s Perspective. A Storms Approaching by Sally Edelstein ARTIST’S STATEMENT As a storm approaches the Republican National Convention, women are already in the eye of the storm. Today women are being moved around like so pawns in a political game that seems t...

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

  I am coming upon my one year anniversary with UniteWomen.org and have been reflecting on what has happened for me in that year.  It started at work when I ran across a news blurb about Paul Ryan’s fight to grant zygotes personhood rights under the United States Constitution.  I snorted out loud at my desk.  How incredibly ridiculous!  As a women’s studies minor in college, I had re...

I Have A PHD From the School of Hard Knocks


I first met this incredible woman in 2013. Our friendship was not a long one but she touched my life in many ways. She sent me a friend request at the first of the year, and as I went to look at her page before accepting that friend request, I knew this woman was someone special. Her smile on her profile pic was one of the friendliest smiles I had seen in a long time. What really made me think she...

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