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Confessions of a Child Abuse Survivor

Part I It has been a decade now. A decade without abuse being a regular part of my life. It might not seem like a lot of time. But I guess if you spent your whole childhood with it, then it seems like a lot of time. A lot of time to let it grow into you, flow out of you, time to heal, to embrace yourself and to become your own person. I confess already that I am not over it – I still have ...

Changing The Rape Culture – One Voice At A Time

Anger is often the catalyst that compels us to do things.  It was anger that compelled two women to start “Unite Against the War on Women” last year.   Again, it was anger that compelled us to embark on the “Unite Against Rape” campaign. Alexandria Goddard, the Steubenville blogger, drew the world’s attention to the rape of Jane Doe. People were outraged that a human being could be...

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