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I Have A PHD From the School of Hard Knocks

I first met this incredible woman in 2013. Our friendship was not a long one but she touched my life in many ways. She sent me a friend request at the first of the year, and as I went to look at her page before accepting that friend request, I knew this woman was someone special. Her smile on her profile pic was one of the friendliest smiles I had seen in a long time. What really made me think she...

The last night in Texas: Unanswered questions

It was Friday, July 12, 2013, the day the Texas State Senate was to debate, and was expected to pass, the worst anti-abortion bill in modern history. We had fought hard through two special sessions called by the King of Fools, Governor Rick Perry. We poured out in record numbers, wearing orange, over and over again, for every hearing, every debate. Women of every age, every race, every economic br...

The Awakening

A veteran women’s rights activist describes her time in the chaotic Texas Capitol rotunda in the hours before the Senate vote.  It is 11:28 a.m. and hot as hell outside when I finally pass through one of four security checkpoints at the Texas Capitol on Friday, July 12, the day of the big showdown on the Senate floor. Thousands of people have already entered the Capitol before me. Dressed in...

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