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Misogyny, Racism and Loretta Lynch

UniteWomen.org® ACTION calls on the U.S. Senate to immediately vote to confirm Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s nominee for U.S. Attorney General. Sign NARAL's petition to vote on Loretta Lynch's nomination now! What is truly behind the U.S. Senate holding up a vote for confirming Loretta Lynch? A vote to confirm her has already been delayed longer than any nominee in recent history. • ...

Soldiers Needed for the War on Rape

  The problem of rape still plagues the United States. Why? Because rape mainly affects women: 9 out of 10 reported rape victims in the United States are female.[1] Under the leadership of a predominantly male government, rape receives little attention (the House is comprised of 362 men and 76 women; the Senate 17 women and 83 men).[2] As an example of the general disinterest our governm...

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