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Why I’m Running – Deb Haaland

A record number of women are running for office. Among them is Deb Haaland who is running for the U.S. House in New Mexico's First District. In UniteWomen.org’s series entitled #WhyImRunning, Deb tells us about her background and why she decided to run for office. Why I'm Running For Congress by Deb Haaland   I was struck by the hope, optimism and supportive words that I rece...

My Muslim Uncle & Childhood Lessons on Tolerance

On a day I remember to be like any other, perhaps while watching Nickelodeon and sitting too close to the TV, my uncle arrived home from college. He had just graduated and had converted to Islam. He had a new name. “Call me Uncle Amin”, he told my cousin and me. When we’d forget and say “Uncle Andre” over and over again, he would ignore us until we got it right. My uncle would go on to g...

Protection Should be for Everyone

Five years ago I had no idea. Five years ago my daughter was three sitting in the backseat of our car when she witnessed her stepfather stabbing her mother in the head, neck and back in Cuba. Her mind couldn't comprehend why, how. Five years ago I had no idea about the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). But I would learn. Sitting in an emergency room bleeding from the head, officers took pi...

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