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A Southern Lady’s Rant


Gentility, decorum and just plain old good manners are the mark of a proper southern woman.  We pride ourselves on our hospitality and adherence to the social graces. That is, until some scurrilous individual takes advantage of our inherent good nature.  Then all Hell breaks loose and I am here to tell you all Hell is breaking loose all over this country. It seems they have taken our polit...

Let Women Die Day – A Day to Remember

Let Women Die Day turned out to be June 13th.  HB 5711 just passed 70-39 with six Democrats voting yes...Charles, Brunner, Paul Clemente, Bob Constan, George Darany, Richard LeBlanc and Lesia Liss.  HB 5712 and HB 5713 will be reviewed after their summer break as they want to make sure the proposed ban after 20 weeks of pregnancy — which doesn't include an exception for rape, incest or fetal ...

Big Government Threatens Michigan Families

  Angi Becker Stevens’ piece in RH Reality Check on Jenni Lane’s story in brought me to tears. The legislation passed out of committee in Michigan last Thursday is the most extremist anti-women yet in this country. These lawmakers have no capacity for understanding what their actions do to millions of women across this country. It’s all a political game to them. Why else would ...

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