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Good-Bye GOP

Black and White Chess-long goodbye

Last Presidential election it was about making history. I cried that night because finally America cast aside its prejudice and racism and voted for a man, not based on his skin color, but on who he was as a man. I was so proud, so grateful that in my lifetime I saw the struggles of my parent’s generation fighting for civil rights and equality come to fruition. On Nov. 6th I know there will...

Arguing About Exceptions

Rape is Rape

Last week, another white male Republican congressman stuck his foot in his mouth a la Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin. Rep. Joe Walsh (R - IL), who already has lady problems in the form of $100,000 in unpaid child support, caused quite a furor when he said that it is never necessary to perform an abortion to save a woman's life, because of advances in technology. When reporters asked him if he was...

Daily Round-Up

Daily Round-Up - June 20, 2012

Wondering what's going on with the attack on women's rights?  UniteWomen.org brings you some of the latest news on many of the issues in the War on Women! Threats On Facebook To Rape Women Defending Abused Mothers.  Social Media Increasingly Abets Harassment and Censors Truth Like other social networking media, Facebook appears to be unable to discriminate between abusive men and abus...

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