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#WhyImRunning for State Senate in Tennessee – Jamie Ballinger

    By Jamie Ballinger I am an attorney running for State Senate in Tennessee. My inspiration comes from my grandmother and my mother. Whenever I think of my grandmother, it's not her steely eyes or mischievous smile that first comes to my mind. It's her hands: Large and knotted, they were made strong from wrapping bundles while working in a laundry, canning, carrying me, and pl...

#WhyImRunning for Chittenden County State’s Attorney in Vermont

  By Sarah F. George When I was in law school, I was exposed to the injustices within our criminal justice system. I was appalled at the systemic racism and implicit bias that plagued our system from start to finish.  From our policing, charging decisions, bail requests, resolutions, and incarceration decisions, to our treatment of addiction and mental health as a criminal problem rath...

#WhyImRunning for Wisconsin Treasurer

By Sarah Godlewski Like many of us, the day after the 2016 Presidential election was one of the most painful and frustrating days of my adult life. It was also my birthday. I knew deep in my gut that I had to do something in my next year of life. A few months later, I discovered that opportunity to step up — to save our State Treasurer’s Office. Wisconsin voters were being asked if they want...

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