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Seneca Falls July 19 – 20 1842

On July 19-20, 1848 an extraordinary group of women gathered in Seneca Falls, New York in order to establish a platform for the rights of women and “to analyze the legal and social disabilities women faced and to argue for the most basic rights of women.”(Feminist Theory, Kolmar/Bartkowski) The meeting spanned two days and six sessions, and included a lecture on law, a humorous presentation...

Daily Round-Up

Wondering what's going on with the attack on women's rights?  UniteWomen.org brings you some of the latest news on many of the issues in the War on Women! I'm Not Just a Key Demographic Already this summer, I'm observing cheesy, schmaltzy, one-size-fits-all attempts to court women voters. Many campaigns seem to reach from the same old tired bag of tricks every time they want to reach o...

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