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A Survivor Who Once Said “I would never …”


It started as a push in the heat of an argument. To this day I don’t remember what the argument was about. He apologized immediately and all was forgiven. I had no idea that over the next year things would escalate. How could this happen to me? It was such a gradual process. Day-to-day life was for the most part normal...at first. By the time I realized he was an abuser it was too late - I wa...

Feminists, Mujeristas and Womanists, It’s Time To Unite!

Women of all races working together

Unless you are one of the few charmed women in the world that has been spared any struggle, it is time to recognize that we women are facing battles that our mothers and grandmothers fought years ago and policies being written by privileged white males. Most of us are in the process of living a full and well rounded life. In some cases you will be acknowledged for those experiences and in others...

Confessions of a Child Abuse Survivor


Part I It has been a decade now. A decade without abuse being a regular part of my life. It might not seem like a lot of time. But I guess if you spent your whole childhood with it, then it seems like a lot of time. A lot of time to let it grow into you, flow out of you, time to heal, to embrace yourself and to become your own person. I confess already that I am not over it – I still have ...

Not Completely Emotionally Damaged, Just Enough To Be Normal


For the past few days, I have sat in front of my computer, trying to decide what I would write for this blog post; staring at a blank screen, wondering where to even begin.  I start this story in the middle, not for convenience, but for you to understand my current thought process; the thoughts that seem to roll through my head as if to taunt my sanity.  Issues that I have felt since I can remem...

Eric Cantor – Please do not push women over the Physical Cliff!


December 29, 2012   Open Letter to Eric Cantor: Millions of women are asking that you pass the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act before the end of this Congressional session. The Senate bill passed with bi-partisan support with 68 votes in April. It is our understanding that you are holding up a vote on that bill due to your objection to full protection for Native Amer...

Attitude Reflects Leadership- Moving Forward


Attitude Reflects Leadership   The election is over, the results are in and the people have spoken. President Obama won the electoral vote by a distinct margin as well as the popular vote- although, admittedly by a lesser margin. The people also made their voices heard in several key Senate races, rejecting the misogynistic, xenophobic attitudes of the Todd Akins and Joe Walsh’s of the ...

One Woman’s Demand

One Woman's Demand

Women have not been treated as full citizens of these United States from the inception of this country, and our Declaration of Independence and Constitution through the amendment process, did not remedy these deficiencies, our lives have been restricted unduly because of false information and invalid ideas which depicted women as inferior human beings in mind and body incapable of self determi...

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Sitting here, trying to think of what to even write is hard.  There are so many points I want to touch and so many things I want to convey.  There are emotions of anger, emotions of helplessness, and emotions I can’t even put words to.  Unless you have been in a situation like this, there is no way to understand the amount of baggage that comes along with domestic violence. Like many child...

Women, together, will change the conversation!

UniteWomen.org-women together

    I have been very fortunate in my life. I grew up in a loving family focused on looking for the best in every person I meet. Even my teenage trauma strengthened the way I think about people and respond to them. I learned I had scoliosis at age 12. I spent four years in a Milwaukee Brace at a time in one’s life where your peers are not so kind to someone “different”.  ...

Soldiers Needed for the War on Rape

blog image don't rape

  The problem of rape still plagues the United States. Why? Because rape mainly affects women: 9 out of 10 reported rape victims in the United States are female.[1] Under the leadership of a predominantly male government, rape receives little attention (the House is comprised of 362 men and 76 women; the Senate 17 women and 83 men).[2] As an example of the general disinterest our governm...

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