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Diary of a Truly Mad Housewife

Recently, I was in an extremely dark place, which had me contemplating…OK, which had me actually planning suicide. It would have been my second suicide attempt. But, I suppose I should provide a bit of background, to my story. Sixteen years ago, I was involved in an automobile accident, which resulted in my having permanent nerve damage in my lower back. L4/L5/S1 to anyone familiar with spina...

The Truth About Me

Her abuse started when I was three. Full of fury and rage, She’d beat the shit out of me. My saving grace (despite that it was “All My Fault!”) was I knew I was too little to be responsible for something this big. It was this little piece of me She could never beat away no matter how much She tried. I was very smart so I never repeated the behavior that elicited Her abuse, but it didn’t ma...

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