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#WhyImRunning for Wisconsin Treasurer

By Sarah Godlewski Like many of us, the day after the 2016 Presidential election was one of the most painful and frustrating days of my adult life. It was also my birthday. I knew deep in my gut that I had to do something in my next year of life. A few months later, I discovered that opportunity to step up — to save our State Treasurer’s Office. Wisconsin voters were being asked if they want...

I’m Christine Hedges & I’m Running for St. Charles County (MO) Council, District 3.

    Like many others around the country, I went into mourning on Nov. 9, 2016. I closed all my social media accounts and stopped reading the news. I felt as if my country had betrayed all of the ideals that I thought we held dear. The election was devastating to many, but I later found out that my reaction was not untypical among women, who realized that the election of the cand...

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