Silence No More

Silence No More

The first thing an abusive man teaches “his” woman is to be silent.

I am sitting here wondering if I dare make this analogy.  I do not wish to make light of those women who find themselves trapped in the reality of abuse so please do not make the assumption that I am not aware.  I have seen the harm that a man can do to a woman or a child and somehow justify it in his demented diseased mind as he promises never to do it again.  I make no judgment of anyone in this situation.  My mother was once in that same situation. I only wish them freedom and safety.  And while I cannot in good conscience wish harm on another human being it is perfectly acceptable in my mind to wish disappearance to some secluded island, preferably in the colder areas of the world for those who abuse others.  I wouldn’t want to waste a good warm tropical location on such miscreants.

I do however think that women’s rights are being abused and thereby harming women.  It may not give us bruises but we are harmed none the less.  We have been verbally abused by the ethically challenged paid mouth pieces that spew profanities at our labels and tell us we do not deserve what we ask.  We have been told we have to submit to the physical abuse of unnecessary medical procedures like the trans-vaginal probe before having a legal medical procedure.  They make our lives harder by offering us less pay for equal work and thinking that we should be satisfied because without a penis we are less than and should not have the designation of “head of household”.  They deny the love and opportunity to marry to those who love other women because it does not fit in their religious beliefs when religious beliefs should have no bearing on those outside their faith.

An abuser uses intimidation and fear to control his woman.  Our government uses the same tactics by threatening arrest and jail or by using the very police force our tax dollars pay for when they send them out in riot gear with pepper spray should we get a little uppity and express our complaints publicly.  Should we step one inch over the line of what they deem acceptable they justify harsh measures when the reality is that a group standing peacefully for their rights are only in danger not a danger.

It seems that some of our elected officials have taken on the role of the abusive partner.  They are doing everything in their power to shut us up and put us in our place.   With every piece of legislation they encroach and take another piece of our rights.  With every radio show and news program they diminish and demean us with names like slut and bitch.  How does this differ from the man who beats his woman down with his words and restricts her freedom?

We see in the news we see the proud women who were elected by the same process and sit in public seats next to the cantankerous controlling legislators be shut down and told to be quiet or not allowed a seat at the table they were elected to sit and lead.  In D. C. the U.S. House refused Del. Norton a seat and a voice and TWICE in Michigan Rep. Barb Byrum was prevented from speaking on the House floor.  Is there some authority that has deemed a male voice somehow trumps a female’s voice?  If so we are here to speak to that so-called authority and say no more.

The idea of being silenced and put in our place by those wanting to keep us pregnant and poor with the restrictions on our lives and the incendiary remarks made about women for daring to open their mouth and speak to the injustices of their legislation.  They think they can shoo us away like a mosquito they hear buzzing around their ears.  They dismiss us with disdain when we ask for a seat at the table.  How dare we even ask?

It is time to stop asking.  It is time to quit thinking that nothing can be done.  Imagine if the suffragettes had that mindset.  We are only restricted by the limitations we put on ourselves.  It is time to trade discouragement and apathy for an anger that will motivate millions to speak out and stand up for the equality that all people deserve.

I will not be silent even when told to be.  I and only I will determine where my place is in this world even when I am told there is no place for me as I am.   I will not be intimidated by their rhetoric or their bully tactics when I publicly express my opinion.  I will not fear them.  I will look them in the eye and speak my mind.  I will stand with determination before them and refuse to yield.

About Blue Belle in Red Hell I am a southern progressive woman living in Red State biblebelt hell. I refuse to question my sanity because the majority of those around me have closed their minds to reality and are manipulated into continually voting against their own best interests out of some false sense of religious adherence or some irrational idea of what is American born out of fear or hate.


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