Our Manifesto seeks to equip and empower women to use their strengths, talents, and skills to further their participation as equal, valued voices in their communities, speaking out about the inequity of women’s experiences as citizens in their communities, their nations, and the world.  Our mission is to change the social and cultural conversation to bring about awareness of the benefits and the necessity of inclusion, providing a collective voice for women in all processes that affect their lives.  Our objective is to cultivate the edification of society on these issues in order to make effective change that will improve the lives of women.  Achieving these goals will allow us effectively to empower women and girls to be equal, active participants in society, as well as in the political realm of our countries.  A country cannot reach its highest potential until the voices of all citizens are acknowledged and manifested in a way that will positively impact the evolution of humanity.


We evolved from an activist movement created on February 19, 2012, as a Facebook group.  The idea was born out of outrage to the current political climate and public rhetoric that disregarded the inherent rights of women.  In ten weeks, due to the organizational skills, diligence, and direction of state, regional, and national leaders, we organized and successfully held fifty-five permitted, insured, nation-wide events.  Uniting a volunteer force of women and men, and utilizing social media as our platform, we were able to achieve citizen participation estimated at 47,000 plus.


The organizational structure for the nation-wide events strategically evolved into what is now   This structure has since grown and now includes executive, national, regional and state level management groups all working in tandem on national and state projects and initiatives.  This online organizational structure allows for participation at all levels with response to current news and legislation within minutes.

In order to engage and educate the college-age demographic, we have established a collegiate division that will mirror our organizational structure.  It will be implemented on university campuses across the country, with the goal of becoming a nationally chartered student organization. is in a unique position that differentiates us from other well-established, reputable women’s rights groups, because we evolved from social media and reach many more people around the country and the world.  This allows us to attract and empower an untapped resource of individuals who previously may not have been engaged in the public dialogue regarding women’s rights. We expanded our membership through an engagement process that inspired an epidemic response of disenfranchised people committed to taking a stand.


Our philosophy is based on a non-partisan perspective which is inclusive and seeks to erase the lines of political, religious, racial, class, age, sexual orientation and gender distinctions.  This allows us the ability to create alliances and bridge efforts with other organizations and individuals to form a cohesive voice on our core issues.  We are focusing our attention on the legislative, social, and political initiatives that continue to encroach on the rights and freedoms of women.


The unprecedented response we had on social media attracted many established organizations to endorse us and encourage their members to participate. has, in a short period, established a working partnership with a wide range of organizations across the United States.  We also have initiated a formalized outreach program to continue the effort to connect with additional organizations on a state and national level.

By connecting through all of our social media platforms, the organization maximizes exposure of our message, initiatives, and actions.  This offers an educational resource to the general public in a modern, easily accessible format that allows interaction at all levels of exposure.  This enables us to have a global reach at minimal cost.’s social media structure consists of the following platforms:



Our online success is easily measured by the built-in tools on each of the social media platforms.  Our Facebook Fan page alone has a reach of over 24 million and on any given day we have 100,000 to over 200,000 talking about us.


Our current online global reach through Facebook includes twenty countries.  The top countries with supporters of are Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, Egypt and France.  The combined global number of supporters, excluding the United States, is in excess of one million.  Our experience in building an organization from the ground up will benefit our future expansion into the global arena.

In Wikipedia’s description of the 2012 “War on Women,” is the only women’s organization mentioned in “Response From Women’s Organizations.”  We have quickly become a respected and recognized organization.


In a very short period of time, has achieved what many felt was an insurmountable goal.  We are the first women’s organization in the United States to arise from the internet and social media, effectively establishing our place in history.  We are also the first group in the history of the United States to have fifty-five permitted and insured protest events on the same day across our great nation.  This is a testament not only to the fortitude, skill, and tenacity of the leadership of our organization but to the commitment of our members on every level.  In the weeks and months that have followed our 4.28 protest, our resolve to continue our mission has become only more indelible in our minds and in our vision. 

Our numbers have continued to grow exponentially beyond anything we could ever have imagined. Our statistical data on Facebook is at levels that have garnered the attention of Facebook and social media experts. The response we have received from global media and the global community provides further evidence of the need for our organization. Our ability to quickly adapt and respond to injustices that are launched against women is what sets us apart from other groups, and will allow for our continued success in achieving our mission of equality for all.






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