Light a Fire!

Light a Fire!

I think summer must be a hard time for any movement, but especially for women’s movements.  The legislative season is in a lull, no one outside of the movement is ready to talk definitively about politics, and all the students in the movement have taken a hiatus until the fall semester.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I have yet to find new state campus coordinators for my region.  It seems as though everyone is waiting until the new semester to care about their schools and the people there.

Students need to become actively involved in the summer.  If there are no plans set for the coming school year, then scheduling will become more difficult.  Campus groups need a starting dedicated base so that the group will grow more successfully.  How can we possibly effect the election with our campus if we don’t get people together until the middle of October?  We can’t have our passion fizzle out in the heat.  It may be hard to rally or even move when the sun is shining and summer jobs are taking up our time, but we have to stick with it.

I was worried that would dissolve once the rally was over, but people are still in their groups, talking and supporting each other.  We just have to stay active.  We can’t gain support and change opinions when we only discuss with each other, and we certainly can’t make people interested without activities and groups outside of the internet.  I hope that the student base will come back soon.  The latest poll from CNN says that Romney is nearly equal with Obama in popularity now, and that is frightening.

I would say put a fire under your butt and get moving, but it’s too hot for that.  So stick an ice cube under it and go!

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