Daily Round-Up

Daily Round-Up

Wondering what’s going on with the attack on women’s rights?  UniteWomen.org brings you some of the latest news on many of the issues in the War on Women!

Why Women Aren’t Crazy

You’re so sensitive. You’re so emotional. You’re defensive. You’re overreacting. Calm down. Relax. Stop freaking out! You’re crazy! I was just joking, don’t you have a sense of humor? You’re so dramatic. Just get over it already!

Sound familiar?

If you’re a woman, it probably does…Read More

Violence Against Women Disguised as ‘Fashion’

“Violence against women exists way too frequently in real life for us to want to look at it in a fashion magazine.” Fashion has an enduring fascination with depictions of women as the victims of violence in part because we live in a culture where roughly one-third of all women murder victims are killed by their partners, where women experience around 4.8 million domestic violence assaults and rapes every year, where nearly one-quarter of women will experience violence at the hands of an intimate partner during their lifetimes…Read More

STOKING FIRE: Extremist Anti-Choice Groups Plan Five-State Assault

The fanatical fundamentalists are at it again. Not to be outdone by Catholic bishops clamoring for ever-increasing fetal protections, Flip Benham’s Operation Save America has teamed up with Go Stand Speak, LifeLink, Jeremiah Cry Ministries, Personhood USA, and Repent America to make five states—Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming—abortion “refuges.”

The five were chosen because each has just one reproductive health clinic. What’s more, the campaign to make these states abortion-free will link grassroots activism—raucous picketing, complete with billboard-sized pictures of bloody body parts–with a media crusade geared to maligning those who support freedom of choice…Read More

I Am Neither A Vagina Nor A Slut, But You’d Better Believe I’m A Feminist 

Naturally, women are pissed. I’m pissed too. Women have had the vote for almost 100 years now. We’re CEOs, Congresspeople, Secretaries of State and even truck drivers, but we still, apparently, don’t deserve equal pay. The very fact that we have vaginas means that we pay more for health insurance. If we accidentally get pregnant, the fault is all ours, even, according to some, if we are raped…Read More 

Very good discussion in comments section.


You know, friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the recent legislation regarding lady parts. So much interest in the Lady Parts! My, my, my. Every time I read the news, I feel like there’s a piñata in my privates. Wheee! All of this AND I can still earn 72 cents on the dollar? Wow! Sign me up!  Read More



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