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My Country is on Life Support and the Prognosis Is Not Good

Resuscitating Uncle Sam

Yesterday was one of the most emotionally charged days for me that I have had in a long time. I sat here behind my laptop screen crying and enraged about the SCOTUS ruling inviting corporations and the 1% to take over more of our government and elected officials. Make no mistake about it - this has been coming and in the plans for decades. These corporations don't care one damn about the PEOPLE of...

Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective – Sally Edelstein


UniteWomen.org is pleased to announce the seventh of twelve featured artists in our online art show Women’s Rights – An Artist’s Perspective. A Storms Approaching by Sally Edelstein ARTIST’S STATEMENT As a storm approaches the Republican National Convention, women are already in the eye of the storm. Today women are being moved around like so pawns in a political game that seems t...

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

  I am coming upon my one year anniversary with UniteWomen.org and have been reflecting on what has happened for me in that year.  It started at work when I ran across a news blurb about Paul Ryan’s fight to grant zygotes personhood rights under the United States Constitution.  I snorted out loud at my desk.  How incredibly ridiculous!  As a women’s studies minor in college, I had re...

I Have A PHD From the School of Hard Knocks


I first met this incredible woman in 2013. Our friendship was not a long one but she touched my life in many ways. She sent me a friend request at the first of the year, and as I went to look at her page before accepting that friend request, I knew this woman was someone special. Her smile on her profile pic was one of the friendliest smiles I had seen in a long time. What really made me think she...

No Time for Reflection – A Game Plan for 2014


An anniversary is a great time to reflect on one’s past. I wrote a piece last month that reflects on our accomplishments of 2013:   The goals of 2014 are far too critical to dwell on our past.  Legislation and rhetoric against our rights is occurring at an increasing rate already this year.  How do we stop this momentum?   Consider that mid-term election funding for Republican ...

Open Letter to President Barack Obama and the U.S. Senate


UniteWomen.org ACTION stands with the pro-choice, civil rights and LGBTQ communities against the nomination of Michael Boggs to the Federal District Court of Georgia. President Obama and the majority of Senators in the U.S. Senate have proven themselves to be ardent supporters of the rights of women, minorities and LGBTQ community. But our laws are not written by legislation alone. Equality is...

Women’s Rights – An Artist’s Perspective – Deborah Landry

Equal Means Equal

UniteWomen.org is pleased to announce the sixth of twelve featured artists in our online art show Women's Rights - An Artist's Perspective. Deborah Landry's artwork is entitled Equal Means Equal ARTIST'S STATEMENT I created this painting as part of my Empowerment Series. Women all over the world are not treated equal to men. In the old days when you did something wrong you would have to ...

Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective – Kay Kang

Kay Kang - 'It's A Girl

UniteWomen.org is pleased to announce the fifth of twelve featured artists in our online art show “Women’s Rights: An Artist’s Perspective“- Kay Kang's artwork is entitled 'It's a Girl' ARTIST STATEMENT The inspiration for my installation “It’s A Girl!!”, speaks to an old Korean tradition for communicating the birth of a new born. When a female is born, charcoal is attached to...

2013 – A Year of Collaboration, Success and Learning

UniteWomen.org March on Washing

I was recently asked what the most memorable moment of 2013 was for me as President/CEO of UniteWomen.org.  In contemplating my answer, I realized there were countless memorable moments this year. We’ve had some fantastic successes that brought us great joy, and we also made some mistakes that brought about some heartache, but lessons were learned throughout – and the good far outweighed the ...

UniteWomen.org – Taking Action in 2014


As we are engulfed in the hectic pace of the holiday season, I wanted to take a moment to share the status of our many projects and campaigns with the UniteWomen.org community. We are going to need to really gather our focus in January and prepare to engage in several important women’s rights efforts in 2014. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for all of your hard work...