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Republicans Often Use Clerk Positions as Pulpits: That’s Why I’m Running for Shelby County Register of Deeds

Adrienne Pakis-Gillon

  Why I’m Running By Adrienne Pakis-Gillon   I am running for Shelby County Register of Deeds because I want to be a voice for women in our county government where we are grossly underrepresented. As the Shelby County Register of Deeds I will use my MBA, work experience, and leadership to benefit the community. Republicans have held these clerk positions for years and often use the...

Mikie Sherrill for U.S. House – NJ-11

Mikie Sherrill NJ

  I took my first oath to serve the United States of America when I was 18. My grandfather was a pilot in World War II, and ever since I was a little girl, it had been my dream to serve as a pilot, just like him. After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, I served as a helicopter pilot for nearly 10 years, flying missions across Europe and the Middle East. When I returned to the United St...

U.S. Congressional Candidate Gwen Combs for Arkansas!

Gwen Combs

  I was born in a steel- and paper-mill industrial town in southwestern Ohio - in the same county as JD Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy. I was a poor kid born to a teenage mom and a machinist father - both first generation high-school graduates. After we lost my dad to mental illness when I was 10, my stay-at-home mom bought a small farm where we raised horses, Golden Retrievers, chickens, ...

We Need Solutions


  I'm runnning for NJ State Assembly in District 21, as a first-time candate. One of the reasons I decided to run was to do something about New Jersey's rising cost of living. We must reduce residents' financial burden. I'd like the Garden State to be a place where my children can afford to one day settle down and raise their own families. But to accomplish that, we'd need solutions. ...

I’m Christine Hedges & I’m Running for St. Charles County (MO) Council, District 3.


    Like many others around the country, I went into mourning on Nov. 9, 2016. I closed all my social media accounts and stopped reading the news. I felt as if my country had betrayed all of the ideals that I thought we held dear. The election was devastating to many, but I later found out that my reaction was not untypical among women, who realized that the election of the cand...

Watch A Movie About My Daughter – Then Write a Letter on Behalf of Yours

I Am Jane Doe

My name is Nacole and I am the mother of one of the girls featured in the movie “I am Jane Doe,” which chronicles the battle that my daughter and I are waging against Backpage.com, the adult classifieds site that for years was part of the Village Voice. My daughter was 15 years old when she made the teenage decision to leave home. What she didn’t choose was what happened next. Which I can...

Why I’m Running – Pam Keith


  Pam Keith is running for Congress in Florida's 18th District. In UniteWomen.org’s series entitled #WhyImRunning, Pam tells us why she decided to run for office.   Why I'm Running for Congress  by Pam Keith   The moment I knew I had to step up and run for office was watching Marco Rubio give the Republican Response to the 2013 State of the Union. He was sweaty and co...

UniteWomen.org partners with Women’s March on Washington


UniteWomen.org is proud to announce our partnership with the Women’s March on Washington and it's sister marches around the country. In April of 2012, women across the country came together to organize Unite Against The War on Women, with 55 rallies in 45 states. This was a grassroots effort to stand against the plethora of laws introduced across the country eroding the rights of women and the...

UniteWomen.org ACTION endorses Hillary Clinton and Democrats

UniteWomen.org ACTION Endorses Hillary Clinton and Democrats

UniteWomen.org ACTION was established in February of 2012 to combat the Republican attacks on women’s rights on the federal and state levels. Our continued effort has highlighted the efforts by Republicans to not only diminish our rights but to block any progress toward equality. We have also highlighted the efforts by President Obama and Democrats to push for progressive values and further our ...

Artists Selected for “Vision: An Artist’s Perspective”

Vision_Catalog Cover v6 cut (2)

VISION: AN ARTIST'S PERSPECTIVE Presented by UniteWomen.org and Gutfreund Cornett Art Kaleid Gallery, San Jose, California, July 5 - 30, 2016 EXHIBITION THEME Envision, conceive of, imagine . . . In this turbulent time of political changes, women's rights, social, racial, gender and economic inequality, global conflicts, cultural instability, reproductive choice/health care issues, and ...

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