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Changing The Rape Culture – One Voice At A Time

Anger is often the catalyst that compels us to do things.  It was anger that compelled two women to start “Unite Against the War on Women” last year.   Again, it was anger that compelled us to embark on the “Unite Against Rape” campaign. Alexandria Goddard, the Steubenville blogger, drew the world’s attention to the rape of Jane Doe. People were outraged that a human being could be...

One Woman’s Demand

One Woman's Demand

Women have not been treated as full citizens of these United States from the inception of this country, and our Declaration of Independence and Constitution through the amendment process, did not remedy these deficiencies, our lives have been restricted unduly because of false information and invalid ideas which depicted women as inferior human beings in mind and body incapable of self determi...

I Am a Woman, equality, women's rights, domestic violence, rape, incest,

I am a woman Born of a woman of struggle The struggle of a time and place where choices not known kept the mind from soaring. The struggle of cultural expectations that dictated a future less than unknown potential. The struggle of being trapped by a fertile womb that neither time nor circumstance could hold at bay. The struggle of captivity tied to hell by ceremony and need that ...

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