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Silence No More

The first thing an abusive man teaches “his” woman is to be silent. I am sitting here wondering if I dare make this analogy.  I do not wish to make light of those women who find themselves trapped in the reality of abuse so please do not make the assumption that I am not aware.  I have seen the harm that a man can do to a woman or a child and somehow justify it in his demented diseased mi...

How Dare They!

May I please ask what in the hell is going on in this country? It seems to me that batshit crazy has spread like a virus and infected not only some politicians but a large portion of the general population as well. I am used to crazy. We southerners keep our crazy relatives in the home. That way when visitors stay too long we just parade crazy Aunt Lula out and let her have a go at them. This...

A Southern Lady’s Rant


Gentility, decorum and just plain old good manners are the mark of a proper southern woman.  We pride ourselves on our hospitality and adherence to the social graces. That is, until some scurrilous individual takes advantage of our inherent good nature.  Then all Hell breaks loose and I am here to tell you all Hell is breaking loose all over this country. It seems they have taken our polit...

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