A Poem for the Cause

A Poem for the Cause

Uteri Unite Us

you lust for my

potential vessel

bowl in which to plant

vase of the wilted

contents that I wish emptied

you long to quench

an immense thirst

for what has always been

for what will always be


you want to enter the hollow cave

stake it out

build a democratic infrastructure

in which I have no vote

I unfold the layers of time

that covers my arrow, my flint

the handprints that pigment my walls

remain unfettered

there is a tomb with a queen who rises

a sheath filled with thousands of swords at the ready

there are women unrestrained by myth

who are not shamed by martyrs

I walk with them

for the right to bleed or birth

for the egg to latch on

or drop free

like a bomb

exploding in catacombs

of grief or relief

freeing woman

who stands alone

to receive

as she chooses

Angela Meredith

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