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Rape Culture’s Collective “Ah Ha” Moment


I'm having an ah ha moment while reading an article posted by a man explaining the phrase "rape culture" to other men. Truth is, I've had this same ah-ha moment before. You see, I'm again remembering that in addition to ALL the rape attempts I remember in my life and that I speak about readily, there's also a rape attempt I never really talk about. Because it was my boss. Every time I think ...

Feminists, Mujeristas and Womanists, It’s Time To Unite!

Women of all races working together

Unless you are one of the few charmed women in the world that has been spared any struggle, it is time to recognize that we women are facing battles that our mothers and grandmothers fought years ago and policies being written by privileged white males. Most of us are in the process of living a full and well rounded life. In some cases you will be acknowledged for those experiences and in others...

University needs to make a stronger effort against sexual assault

Stony Brook, NY; Stony Brook University: Entrance

UniteWomen.org member, Alexandra Miller and Paul Grindle wrote a piece for their University newspaper on possible solutions to the surge in reported sexual assaults on campus. If you have written a piece on sexual assault for your campus newspaper, please send it to awareness@unitewomen.org for consideration in the UniteWomen.org blog. Stony Brook is grappling with an increase in reported se...

Grown-Up Bullies – The Need to Say “No”


In recent news, several seemingly non-related stories have boldly drawn new battle lines about how people treat each other.  Sen. Ted Cruz bullied Congress and colleagues to force a government shutdown; there was a clarion call for the parents of the girls who cyber bullied 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick to be held accountable; Dolphins football player Jonathan Martin said no to hazing from his tea...

socially power(less) pink

girls liking pink is not the problem

I'm spending the week with my godchildren just outside of Nashville. My nephew is 3, my niece is 2, and there is a newborn baby boy. (Yes, my best friend is 23 just like me. She's been happily married since she turned 18-- all the kids were very much wanted, and totally unplanned.) Kiddie bowls and silverware and sippy cups come in lots of bright colors, and the kids get to pick out which color th...

Virginia 2013 – Your Vote Matters


The vast spectrum of history is made up of a multitude of small, seemingly inconsequential moments. Most are unacknowledged and the majority are little known, but they are all essential in their own way to creating the larger moment. As human beings, as citizens of the world, and yes- even as citizens of our own communities - we either diminish or ignore the part we each play in shaping our wor...

Everyone Hates Rape…Right?


UNITEWOMEN.ORG and RAINN would like to be able to say, “Yes!” “Isn't it a given that everyone hates rape?” is something we hear quite often when inviting people to submit a statement for UniteWomen.org’s Unite Against Rape campaign.  Tragically, this question is not as rhetorical as it would seem.  A significant portion of our population is either unaware of, or indifferent to, the in...

Confessions of a Child Abuse Survivor


Part I It has been a decade now. A decade without abuse being a regular part of my life. It might not seem like a lot of time. But I guess if you spent your whole childhood with it, then it seems like a lot of time. A lot of time to let it grow into you, flow out of you, time to heal, to embrace yourself and to become your own person. I confess already that I am not over it – I still have ...

Women’s Rights at Stake! NJ Elections Start October 16th


 This Fall’s elections provide New Jersey women with an unprecedented opportunity to vote in their own (and their families’) self-interest, and to send a message to the nation.While most of the rest of the country awaits the 2014 mid-terms and looks on, New Jersey will hold elections for both US Senator (10/16/2013) & Governor (11/5/2013). In both races we have a clear-cut choice between ...

Not Completely Emotionally Damaged, Just Enough To Be Normal


For the past few days, I have sat in front of my computer, trying to decide what I would write for this blog post; staring at a blank screen, wondering where to even begin.  I start this story in the middle, not for convenience, but for you to understand my current thought process; the thoughts that seem to roll through my head as if to taunt my sanity.  Issues that I have felt since I can remem...